Sunday, August 9

Lesson Learned - Plan your week!!

This past week has really taught me a lesson about the values of planning!

Last weekend my hubby and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary. We had a phenomenal weekend.. we went to IKEA, wandered around downtown Pittsburgh and got to see all kinds of great new places. I even convinced him to try a hibachi grill for his first time. Fun!

Bob and I gettin' ready for our roadtrip!

Because of all the fun and excitement, I never made it to the grocery store nor did I clip any coupons from last weekend's paper. I thought we would be fine since I have such a great stockpile of meats and pantry foods.

I couldn't have been any more wrong! My hubby is gone for work Monday-Saturday so it's just my daughter and I at home. We ended up hitting fast food places 4 times last week as well as ordering a pizza on Friday night. I was so disappointed in myself for not taking the time to go grocery shopping.

I realized that I need to plan out every week's meals - no matter what is going on in my family's lives. Even if you do have a great stockpile, if you don't plan on how to use that stockpile it really isn't worth it.

I did manage to cook dinner 4 nights last week, which is good because I have to freeze them for my husband so he has dinner while he's on the road. But other than that, my daughter and I acted like we had NO food in the house to eat.

This week I am taking the time to clip coupons and get my grocery and deal shopping DONE. We have a family reunion today, but I'm not going to let that stop me from putting my family first.

Lesson learned!! :)

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Juz said...

Yip, lesson learned!
My flatties and I also plan way ahead, life is funny like that!


tatertotmom said...

Thanks for this post! I can totally relate that if you don't plan for things the unexpected always seems to happen!

My hubby will be taking on a lot longer commute starting in October and I was thinking that it would be easier cooking for just me and my son. Your post makes me realize I will still need to plan, and even more so, a menu for him and I. I could easily fall into that fast food trap, especially with my picky eater!