Tuesday, March 31

$30 in coupons through Home Made Simple

Click here to snag the latest Home Made Simple filled with $30 in name brand coupons! Brought to you completely free by Wal-Mart.

Johnson's Buddy Soaps revisited

Click here to print $2 off 2 Buddy soaps. The Wadsworth Wal-Mart and Target are out of them at least until Saturday (I checked today), but they are well worth the wait! My daughter loves them!

Who doesn't love Sunny D?

I'm excited to try SunnyD Smoothies. At least I know my daughter will drink it all up! Click here for $.55 off.

Aldi's = Cheap, good food!

My mom taught me to shop at Aldi's years ago. So today when she sent me a pic of all the groceries she got for $68, I thought I should add it to my blog as a reminder of how much you can really get there! If you are thinking of trying out Aldi's, remember, you need your own shopping bags and don't forget a quarter so you can get a cart!

(Aldi's also offers extra large, heavy duty reusable shopping bags for $1.99. These are a steal - I use them for all of my groceries!)

Target/Wal-Mart: Johnson's Buddy Soaps for free!

I decided to try out another freebie today and hit the Target in Fairlawn. I used 3 coupons for $2 off 2 Johnson's Buddy products. Their Buddy Soap is only $.97 so I was able to get 6 soaps for free (well, $.20 sales tax). The cashier wouldn't let me use the fourth coupon because then Target would owe ME money.. So I'll save that for another trip. I was so proud of myself!

Monday, March 30

The Basics of Couponing

I came across a great article here that explains how to get started with couponing. Couponing 101 is a great website! Check it out!

Drug Mart: Free Stride Gum

I scored two coupons for Stride Gum "Save $2 when you buy 3" from the 3/22 Smart Source Insert in the Sunday Paper. Drug Mart is having a sale that ends tomorrow for 3 for $2. I'm so excited because I'll be getting 6 packs of gum for FREE!

Target: Free Gillette Body Wash

I tried out one of my "finds" yesterday.

I had a $2 off coupon for Gillette Body Wash that was expiring on the 31st. I saw at Target that they were having a sale for Gillette Body Wash for $2....

That's right, I scored a Gillette Body Wash for FREE. Needless to say, I was pretty excited.. This coupon stuff really does work!

Red Box Freebie, 3-30-09

Use this code at any Red Box for a free one night movie rental:


Enjoy! It will only work until midnight tonight.

My new blog

So I decided to start couponing. Let me just tell you I had absolutely NO idea what I was getting myself into! Not only is it saving our family tons of money, but it is probably the most addicting habit I have (as of today).

I decided to start a blog about my adventures in couponing because, heck, you've gotta start somewhere right?

I hope this works out well! haha