Monday, March 11

$5 Food Processor!

Oh yes, the family and I were poppin' tags this weekend. I finally found my food processor for a whopping $5 at The Village in Akron. Yeah, I know it has a crack on the bottom, but as far as I can tell, it still holds liquid! We're pretty excited to make up some homemade salsa. Prior to my score, I was using an itty bitty food processor, and it took me six processor trips to make salsa. Needless to say the poor thing finally gave out. Since then we've been scouring the thrift stores to find a big one. And I finally found it! Woohoo!

Monday, March 4

Thrifty Dining Room Table?

My husband and I spent the past week or so cleaning out my daughter's bedroom. At one point, I thought we might need to call Hoarders and have an intervention for my dearest six-year-old, but we made it through.

I dropped off the garbage bags of stuff to the Goodwill today and then strolled around for a bit. I found this awesome mid-century table, leaf and all, hiding under some odds and ends.

And, for 5 bucks, it was all mine.

I might be able to clean it up and use it as a new dining room table for us. We've been looking for something that the kids can't scratch the crap out of, or spill stuff on, or put a hot plate on by accident, blah blah blah. But if the dining room gig doesn't work out, I at least have an awesome table for my basement. Score!