Sunday, June 26

Almost time

It's almost time for my son, Henry Wayne, to be born! I'm not sure where 9 months went, but here we are, only a couple of weeks away from my due date! I've been having crazy contractions for the past three days, but nothing yet that would signal to head to the hospital.

So here I sit, waiting for the 'lil guy to enter the world.

Well, not really just sitting. There's lots of stuff to still get done before he makes his arrival...

We themed Henry's room around fabric my uber-talented sis-in-law picked out to make his quilt. I friggin' adore those owls! And the fabric is from Wal-Mart, believe it or not.

I'm in LOVE with the color we picked for the room. Believe it or not, it's from Wal-Mart too! I was
really iffy on using paint from there, as we've only ever purchased expensive paint from Home Depot and Lowes, but it went on really well and only took two coats. My husband was lovin' it!

The room needed a dresser, and I wasn't thrilled about spending a lot of money on one, so I was ecstatic when I found one for $15 at my local Goodwill. A few coats of paint later, and some funky knobs from Hobby Lobby, and voila! A dresser fit for a little boy!

Now all that's left is making a valance for his window using the cute owl fabric, and also making a dust ruffle for his crib. I hope I have enough time!!

And if I get all that done, I was thinking about making these cute owls out of the leftover fabric... But who am I kidding, I'll be lucky to get the valance and dust ruffle done. hahaha!