Monday, March 4

Thrifty Dining Room Table?

My husband and I spent the past week or so cleaning out my daughter's bedroom. At one point, I thought we might need to call Hoarders and have an intervention for my dearest six-year-old, but we made it through.

I dropped off the garbage bags of stuff to the Goodwill today and then strolled around for a bit. I found this awesome mid-century table, leaf and all, hiding under some odds and ends.

And, for 5 bucks, it was all mine.

I might be able to clean it up and use it as a new dining room table for us. We've been looking for something that the kids can't scratch the crap out of, or spill stuff on, or put a hot plate on by accident, blah blah blah. But if the dining room gig doesn't work out, I at least have an awesome table for my basement. Score!

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