Thursday, March 17

Reality Check

My life has been crazy. Plain and simple. My husband changed jobs in November {yay!}, we found out we were having a baby due in July {yay!!} and then we realized we wouldn't have insurance for 3 months {whoops}. The holidays came. Along with the fun insanity that goes along with Christmas, my photography studio practically exploded with clients. This was my first true year in business, and I certainly wasn't expecting the response I received. I started to get so busy with the studio, housework, motherhood, maternityhood and wifeyhood, that I progressively forgot to do things {anything!} for myself. 

Christmas Eve at our house

My sewing machine and table turned into a junk collecting heap. My couponing habit went to the wayside. My art supplies have been lost in the netherworld of our basement. I was so wrapped up in the go-go-go lifestyle I had created, I couldn't see past the end of my nose as to what I was missing, mainly everything I love. 

My daughter started spending more time with her grandparents, and great-aunt because I was so swamped with the studio and day-to-day living. I didn't even have time for her. And that is terrible.

And then I got sick. Really sick. Hospital sick. Eight days worth of quality hospital time to be exact. I think all the mindless stress I had created caught up with me and burnt me good. My hubby was there by my side every minute of the day. But during my stay, I had lots of time to think {or else watch VH1 marathons}. I realized what I was doing to myself, and realized I needed to change, and change NOW. 

My phone didn't need to be checked every three minutes for the latest incoming emails and Facebook updates. I didn't need to answer my phone every time it rang. Facebook didn't need to be updated with my latest photo shoot every day. Laundry could chill if I didn't have time to get to it. Clients could wait a couple of hours for me to get back to them, at a time that was convenient for myself, and my family.

After I got home from the hospital, I decided to start making small changes. I started taking naps with my daughter. We have craft time every day. One load of laundry a day is enough. My phone spends part of its day on vibrate. I have designated times for the studio, and more times for my family. I'm making a point to do one thing for myself every day. Today, it's posting on my blog.

I'm determined to de-stress my life in any way that I can, and to appreciate the life that was given to me. I hadn't stopped to smell the roses in a long time, and boy, they sure smell good.

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