Tuesday, August 3

Making a stuffed animal on the cheap

For my birthday this year, my parents bought me a sewing machine. I was so excited - my old one bit the big one and I've been chomping at the bit for a new one. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a good sewer by any means. But I love a good project and the feeling that I'm making something less expensively than if I would have purchased it.

I decided my first project would be a stuffed animal for my daughter. I didn't want to pay for a pattern because I didn't know how it would turn out, what my sewing machine would do, how bad I would screw it up, etc.

I scoured the web and found this gem of a pattern/tutorial here, courtesy of Toad's Treasures. I showed it to my daughter, she said she loved that it was an owl, and off she ran. (I thought that was a good sign, right?) This pattern is free to download and customizable in every aspect. Thank you so much, Emily, for posting this super cute and super easy pattern!

I used scraps of material that I had lying around for years and came up with this cute little owl. I am happy to report that my sewing machine worked just fine, I didn't screw up too noticeably, and my daughter really likes her owl.

The best part? I only spent $2 for safety eyes. The rest I had lying around.

It was completely worth it for me to sew a stuffed animal for my daughter rather than go out and buy something. I was able to use up scraps of material and make something especially for her she will (hopefully) remember for years to come.

I think there's more stuffed animals up my sleeves in the near future. Watch out.

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Emily said...

I LOVE it! It turned out so great! Thanks for the shout out and sharing your post with me!

PS I have another long-legged owl pattern that I'll post on my blog soon.:)