Monday, October 5

My CVS Trip Today, 10/5

New to CVS? Read this first

I made myself go to CVS today! Yay me! I spent way more than my previous $5 post, but considering all that I got, I think I did fairly well! (As you can see from my picture, I bought a ton of laundry detergent) I spent $27 (including tax) for all of the above items. Here's what I got, and how I got them:

6 bottles of Arm 'n Hammer Laundry Detergent = $3 each
- They are on sale for Buy 1 Get One Free at $6.99.
- Use the $1/2 printable coupon from here and get 2 for $6

Arrid or Arm & Hammer Deodorant = 99¢ (Limit 1)
- On sale for $1.99 and earn $1 ECB

Colgate 360 Acti-Flex Toothbrush = 99¢ (Limit 1)

- On sale for $2.99
- Use the $1/1 toothbrush printable coupon from here
- Earn $2 ECBs

Tone Body Wash = 88¢ (Limit 1)
- On sale for $1.88
- Use the $1 printable coupon from here
- Earn $1 ECB

2 Bags of Candy = 99¢
- On sale for 99¢ each
- I used a $1/2 coupon that printed from my CVS card in store

Bottle '0 Wine = $3.33
- It wasn't on sale, but I treated myself :)

Notice that I didn't use any coupons from the Sunday paper. That means those of you out there that don't clip coupons can do this deal too! All you need to do is print what I've told you and head to the store. Have fun!

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