Monday, October 19

How to Get More Newspaper Coupons -- Cheapie

I used to have a subscription to our local Sunday newspaper. I would look forward to every Sunday morning drinking my coffee and clippin' my coupons.

BUT, not so long ago our local delivery service became sub-par, and before we knew it, we were only getting the D section of the Sunday paper and having the front page thrown in our driveway sometime on Monday. Needless to say, after lots of Sunday phone calls to the paper with no change in delivery, we cancelled our subscription.

I started to think outside the box as to how to get my newspaper coupons. Here are some ideas that I've tried and yes, they do work.

  1. Our local grocery store offers the newspaper for half price on Mondays. I do all of my grocery shopping on Mondays anyways, so this works out wonderfully for me.
  2. Ask your grocery store what they do with their old papers. Last week I asked our other local grocer -- They throw them away on Mondays! Now I have a super sweet lady save them for me every Sunday. I'm getting at least 9 papers a week for FREE. All you have to do is ask.
  3. Ask friends and family for their coupon inserts. Most likely they'd love to pass them along to you. (And if you throw them some of your deals now and again, I'm sure they'd looove to hand those coupons over).
  4. Join a Coupon Swap Group. You can find them at, or if you live in the Northeast Ohio area, try Coupon Swaps usually meet once a month and trade coupons. I haven't gone to one yet, but if my life ever slows down I would really like to give one a shot.
Let me know if you have another other cheapie ways to score newspaper coupons! :)

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