Thursday, August 13

New changes for Cheapie Cheapie!

If you're visiting my blog tonight you may have noticed my background has magically disappeared and there's just a white empty void in it's place.

Don't fear! Everything will be back as usual - except I'm changing the format around to fit a 3 column blog!

In the upcoming weeks there's gonna be A LOT more cool stuff popping up on Cheapie Cheapie and I need the extra room to fit it all in! I'll be starting some amazing giveaways within the next week and will be reviewing some fabulous new products as well. I'm so excited to start integrating all the new content... but don't worry - I'll still be posting great deals and tidbits of info just like usual.

This is gonna be so fun! I can't wait!

In the meantime be sure to print your certificate for free Enfamil formula by clicking on the banner on the right of my page. Any free baby formula is good for me! :)

(...and now I really do need to go to bed or it's gonna be a super long day tomorrow...)

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