Monday, August 10

Lesson Learned #2 - Coupon Thieves are Among Us!

I totally didn't mean for this week to be a "Lesson Learned" series, but life throws some weird curves now and again...

I headed to my favorite Giant Eagle today with my lil girl to get my grocery shopping done. (As I posted previously, I am planning on doing this EVERY week so as to avoid future fall-outs with meal planning.)

My Giant Eagle always has Sunday's newspaper marked half price on Mondays. If it's a particularly good coupon week, I'll snag another paper when I get groceries on Monday. This was the case today. There was that freebie Glade Fragrance Collection candle coupon, and I couldn't resist another one. haha

So long story short, tonight while I was giving my lil girl a bath I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to clip some coupons. I opened up my half price newspaper to start clipping...

and found someone had taken every coupon insert out of the paper. I'm not talking just the Smart Source and Red Plum inserts - whoever did this went through the Parade magazine and took those coupons as well. They knew what they were doing...

I couldn't believe it!!!!!!

Who stoops to that level?? Seriously - the Sunday newspaper is priced at $.75 on Mondays at my Giant Eagle.

I ended up calling my Giant Eagle, not because I had wasted $.75, but I felt they should know someone was creeping through their papers and taking out all the coupons.

Shame on you to whoever did this!

I'll give you $.75 to get the paper!

Just don't spoil it for the rest of us!!

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P.S. The manager at Giant Eagle actually took the time to go through the remaining Sunday papers and found 2 that still had the coupons in them. They are waiting for me free of charge at the customer service desk. Now that's what I call fabulous customer service!!

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