Wednesday, July 8

CVS and the importance of Rain Checks

This past weekend I visited 2 different CVS stores in the hopes of getting all my deals for the week. As it turned out, there are a lot more folks out there couponing than in the past. By the time I hit the stores on Sunday at 1pm, ALL the deals were cleaned out of both stores.

But - instead of leaving empty handed, I asked the cashier for rain checks on all the items I had intended to buy.

This is a fabulous way to make sure you still get all the great deals, even if they are out at the moment. CVS rain checks NEVER expire.. In fact, it actually worked out better for me this week as I'm able to gather more coupons for the items I really want, go back when they are in stock and still get the same great deal!

So, the moral of this post:

Always ask for rain checks if CVS is out of your fabulous deal!

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