Thursday, June 25

Chef Michael's House Party

How cute is this??? If you have a pooch and want to party with your favorite pet owners, then you need to apply to host this House Party!! Sign up here.

Here's the scoop according to House Party's website:

Nothing says "I love you" like a thoughtfully-prepared meal. Why not extend that love to your pet too? Gather your favorite dog owners and their canine companions for a sharing and caring potluck dinner.

On Sunday August 16th, you and your guests will bring a specially prepared "signature" dish to share and Chef Michael’s® will bring its favorite, thoughtfully-prepared dishes for your dogs. You’ll be sharing the ritual of mealtime with your friends and everyone’s furry friend too.

If selected as a host, you’ll be able to enjoy the "dance of anticipation" as you introduce the dogs to Chef Michael’s® canine creations — mouthwatering meals they will be sure to love.

After the meal everyone will swap recipes, play games and other activities, then top off the evening by taking a relaxed stroll with the dogs. Don’t miss out on this great event.

If selected as a host, your Sunday Supper party pack will include:
  • Chef Michael’s® Samples
  • Party Favors and Decorations
  • Indoor/Outdoor Activity Kits
  • Doggie & Guest Gift Bags
Click here to apply!

Check out House Party for a chance to host more fun parties!!

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