Monday, May 18

Target makes my stomach hurt

We all know there are great deals to be had at Target.. My mom and I went this evening to see what deals we could find using the $50 Kraft coupons. I was able to purchase 14 items for $9, saving approximately $30 so it was a mild success. (I'll post details and scenarios in my next post.. but I just need to vent for a second haha)

Shew, okay, here I go... For those of you that are new to Target, here's the scoop. Target offers their own in store coupons in addition to the manufacturer's coupons we get in the Sunday paper and Internet printables. (If you would like to print Target coupons, see my Printable Coupon Link on the right side bar). You are then able to stack the Target coupons with manufacturer's coupons for even better savings!

For example, say you have a $1 off Ritz cracker manufacturer's coupon and you have a $1 off Ritz cracker Target coupon. You are able to combine or "stack" those coupons for a total of $2 off. Great deal, right?

HOWEVER Target cashiers are completely inept to handle this sort of transaction. I was in line arguing with my cashier about coupons for no less than 15 minutes tonight. She ended up getting 2 more associates to come and verify that it was okay for me to use these coupons at which point one of the associates said it was okay, but I couldn't go clearing out their store shelves (he was referring to 2 boxes of Ritz crackers I was purchasing!!??!!). She accused me of trying to use more than 1 coupon for each item when in fact I was purchasing 2 of the same items. In the end I politely asked her to double check the amount of coupons she scanned as to the amount of coupons she had in her hand. She was extremely upset that I asked her to do this, but guess what?? Turns out she missed a coupon.. What a surprise.

Oh, and there was also a line of 5 more customers behind me.. They had to open up another lane to accommodate them just so the 3 cashiers handling my transaction wouldn't be interrupted. argh.

I know many more of you have had bad experiences with Target and their coupons. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear your stories and if you have any info of what avenue I should take to start a formal complaint, I would really appreciate a comment!

Thank you for listening to me vent. I'm done now, I swear.. haha :) Let's get back to living cheapie!!!

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