Thursday, April 2

How I organize my coupons..

This is my notebook that I organize my coupons in. It's just a 1" binder from Wal-Mart with dividers for the following categories (I used trading card dividers (used for baseball cards) for each category because they are much bigger) and then added tabs to each section to flip through easily:
- Baby
- Baking Needs
- Beverage/Soups/Dressings
- Breakfast
- Canned/Boxed Goods
- Cleaning
- Dairy
- Freezer
- Grains
- Household
- Laundry
- Meats
- Medicine
- Paper products
- Snacks
- Toiletries
- Toothpaste

I'm sure I'll outgrow this eventually, but for right now it's the perfect fit.

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