Thursday, April 2

$.24 cough drops!

I got this e-mail from my Aunt Becky and just had to share (I hope you don't mind Aunt Beck!)

It's 12:35 and I just got back from "Drug Smart". I gotta say this was the most fun I've had shopping in a drug store for a long time. Turns out my online coupon for Halls was for only $.75. However, with my coupon and 1pkg. of Halls in hand I gave them to the cashier. Immediately she looked at the online coupon with interest and with a bit of trepidation. When she scanned the coupon and it registered on the register, I noted an immediate sigh of relief from her. (From me as well!) IT WORKED!!! I only paid $.24 for my bag of cough drops. When she was putting my purchases in a bag I noticed she threw in a slip of paper along with the receipt. Guess what ... another coupon for $.35 for Halls cough drops... I can't believe how good that made me feel getting that small item so much cheaper!!!


krista said...

Way to go Beck!! This couponing thing is addictive and fun. I can't wait to cruise the websites tomorrow and see what I can get on Sunday. Wanna go to CVS on Sunday with Krista and I?

krista said...

Sorry that was me, Kathy, in the previous post!! I don't know how to do this thing.duh