Tuesday, March 31

Johnson's Buddy Soaps revisited

Click here to print $2 off 2 Buddy soaps. The Wadsworth Wal-Mart and Target are out of them at least until Saturday (I checked today), but they are well worth the wait! My daughter loves them!


rebeccabalter said...

CVS Has them for $1.19, so you technically pay 20 cents, but I always pay for them in extra bucks and use them to reach my $20 total so I can use the $4 of $20 purchase CVS coupon:) I just got 4 today... 2 CVS transactions, $46 worh of stuff & paid a grand total of 57 Cents OOP:)

krista said...

Great idea!!! I'm still trying to navigate CVS.. I'm slowly getting the hang of it.. whew!